Friday, 16 October 2009

Burning Life starts tomorrow.

Well, it's come round again, my third BL and this time I'm doing it with Pixi Cosmos and Snowy Hoobinoo, both members of a group called 'A Freak of Nature'.

I started this group with the idea of trying to get people together who were interested in flora that was not a poor copy of the beautiful nature which we enjoy so much in RL, but rather who were looking for the sort of 'true' flora that could be built here to compete with the Photo-on-Sticks trees which we have in our Libraries.

Hopefully, this little seed of an idea will grow over time, and this may be, for some, a first chance to see Pixi's and Snowy's work; their style and craft.

You are all very welcome, of course, our plot is here and the whole thing kicks off at 12 noon SLT (is noon AM or PM?....strikes me we should adopt the 24 hours clock, dear American friends) tomorrow, that's 8PM GMT and 9PM CET.

So...pop over when you have time....I did go to a "trial burn" the other day and about 20 people lagged out the sim, sooo.... don't expect anything different to the previous years when it comes to the final event....

Enjoy the imitation real regulated and organised ex-anarchy that is a 34 sim attempt at a poor copy of Burning Man. I hope to be blogging a few suggestions for the nuggets in the stream bed of rubble over the coming weeks.


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