Thursday, 8 October 2009

more Magoo

Just a few snaps for those of you who haven't popped in yet. Though none of them match the ones by Lem Skall and Bettina Tizzy on her NPIRL blogpost.

In fact, Bettina has laid out very clearly my thoughts on the temple of the prim so clearly, it's hardly necessary for me to say anything more on the subject except to invite you to pop

In other news.... well, my build at Deutche Info Welt is finished and I'm just waiting for opening dates to post more details here, and I'm working on a new tree which is going very well for some future show. BL is more or less ready to rock and roll.... I will be blogging for Koinup during BL, trying to find my way through the 34 sims to some non-crap that I can recommend you visit. .... and hopefully blog something a little more substantial here at the weekend...hehehehe.


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