Wednesday, 14 October 2009

UTSA .....Mess and Megaprims .

Now, I know people get very annoyed when I start criticising. I have been thrown off sims and out of groups for speaking my mind, but that does little to stop me. If people can't take constructive criticism then, basically, they should see a shrink.

I have tried not to write this post, to no avail, someone has to say something, and although it may seem like I'm having a go at UTSA, that is not the case.

There is the common belief in SL that you can get 10 good artists and throw them a sim and everything will be fine. Now, I used to curate in RL, sometimes we had over a hundred artists showing at one time. NO-ONE in their right minds would let the artists hang their own work. Setting work next to each other is a skill, composing a show is a skill, and framing the show, both thematically and philosophically is a skill. We are lucky enough to have very skilled people in SL who do know how to curate shows, a few.

Now.... everyone showing at UTSA is a very nice person and have skills of various degrees....but..... the place looks like Caerleon or some other art ghetto, where one piece does nothing for the next piece. In a gallery there is a sort of framework.... walls, rooms, etc....and this gives a certain discipline to the pieces being shown. To simply dump pieces in a Not-Quite Landscape is just about the worst 'look' I can think of. I think the BL desert looks better than this. be constructive.... my recommendation is... if you want to show pieces in this way, have a proper landscape to show it in. A piece of land can be separated into rooms or areas, pieces can be used to enhance other pieces and a general, overall 'look' can be designed that hangs together as a show.

There are people who do this successfully already in SL ...please, please, please... stop dumping art in a sim and thinking it will work doesnt.

On a totally different track.... MEGAPRIMS, scalable, for the use of....... (hopefully, us). Bettina has for two years helped keep pressure on LL to give us scalable megas... her post here is proof that patience pays of. please, please, please (what, again??) take a few minutes to log on and vote for this jira.

Vote for megaprims.....pretty please.

Now, in true LL style it's by no means a straightforward solution.... why do something the easy way when you can annoy people by making it complicated.....but it's still worth voting for. Seems like every other grid has scalable prims and LL must be holding out for purely financial reasons, after all...prims if we get more for our money....they, by implication get less.



  1. woohoo! Agree on all counts and thank you for supporting this scalable megaprim effort. I'm not a JIRA animal and not as patient as many so can barely look at the status there, but I really do believe we stand a chance of getting that pushed through.

    By the way, for those who have doubts, this JIRA is NOT about taking away any megaprims that exist on the grid, on Estate land OR mainland.

  2. Thanks Bettina, you certainly know how to show things in your forest..:))

    We have 334 votes so far on the Jira, so thats good....BUT WE NEED MORE, PEOPLE..... go vote...:))