Friday, 2 October 2009

The Temple of the Prim, Beta v 1.0

Now, as I explained earlier in my post "Increatum" I consider the Prim to be on the same level as a god and therefore worthy of respect and devotion. So that's the main reason for my having wanted for a long time to create a Temple of the Prim.

I should maybe give a little biographical stuff as to why....... although this is not back story, simply a description of my path .

When I was very very little I had the innate desire to arrange things, objects. This was not taught or understood by people around me, it was simply, for me, that objects, through their volume and colour, stood in a relationship to each other which could be enhanced by their relative positions.

I have heard people tell of how their lives/heads were full of music, all their lives.... for me it has always been form and colour. There is not a single scene, manmade or natural, that I don't subconsciously analyse for relative forms, colours and positions. A piece of 2D graphics or 3D form immediately manifests a harmony, or lack thereof.

Anything that doesn't 'work' to my eye gets analysed until I see how it 'should' have been composed.

Now, bear with me....... my love of matter, that great and mystifying substance which is still so little understood, manifests most when I am touching, feeling and forming it in RL. So... that respect has been transformed in SL into an amazing respect for the Prim. The Uncreated Creation.

The Prim is totally neutral, even more neutral than matter which has imbued feeling depending on whether it is wood, silver, etc. The Prim ONLY manifests its creator's psyche, nothing else.

It is the blankest of blank canvases.

It is, actually, nothing. Matter is actually an illusion too. Atomic physics teaches us that electrons are energy defined by their general relative positions, there's no 'stuff'. Solid is illusion.

So...the Prim is worthy of your respect and devotion..

The Temple opens tomorrow, Saturday at 1PM SLT at ::: soup Magoo ::: Doubledown will DJ...



  1. Soror Nishi's Magoo build is one of the wettest places I've visited in SL. After visiting, my feet are still wet and clammy and I think I'm getting a fungal infection. Yet, I will go back soon and turn on reflections so that I can get the full-on watery effect. Soror specializes in Dr. Seuss-like trees and other flora. My favorite is the Wizardfruit tree, for reasons that should be obvious.

  2. Well, at least the crocodile didn't get you...:))

  3. Soror, Re: Magoo. I tried to comment at your blog with openid but it would not go so I forward to you.
    You won't remember me, but Mab invited me over at the end of the opening to say hello.

    a mystic empty prim? I am compelled to ramble for fun as you make me wonder about it.

    For matter to really be neutral maybe it would have to exist without energy. In atomic physics sub object the electrons that define appear to be in constant motion. Movement of these particles is how we measure energy. Also heat, light and sound can be measured as differing frequencies or patterns in this movement.

    Maybe a prim can be totally neutral as you say. In their case, at sub object level, vectors define the general relative position of the vertices and in an empty prim these vertices are static so it exists without energy or movement, as if frozen in time.

    Time is where I really lose it though because for us to sense and understand this movement of particles we are using the concept of linear time and when you consider a prim there is more than one time to factor.
    The vector positions are renewed at each computer clock cycle and also there is the linear time of the viewer.

    We are told by atomic physicist that these electrons can be in more than one position at any given time, If this is not due to poor resolution of our time units it could point to some underlying clock cycle in the universe, a constant re-rezz of matter enabling it to exist without movement outside of time.

    Anyway, regardless of my silly thoughts, if the prims at Magoo were a blank canvas they are no longer, your energy transformed them into a celebration of shape, colour and reflection. An energy that conveyed to me an easy happiness with life and the pleasure of exercising the full spectrum of our visual senses.
    Thank you for sharing. It makes me happy to think that sharing this energy brings you more to play with.

    Looking forward to your next build. In the mean time please would you make me a windlight setting for my RL
    Heb Dexler

  4. thanks Heb for your kind words and musings....:))
    There were quite a few Prim Worshippers and contemplative thoughts on the Prim that came out of this build...: it obviouslty struck a chord with some.