Tuesday, 5 April 2011

A Week unblogged...

Yes, I've been a bit slack on the blogging front... so time to make up for that.

ColeMarie, who I have mentioned more than a dozen times here in dispatches, has won the prize of Iz 30,000 for the best machinima of Gulliver's World, a sim by Ub Yifu on one of Jeri Rahja's sponsored sims in InWorldz. Jeri was the generous sponsor of the prize money too. I am also a judge on the photography prize... the results of which will be announced shortly.

If you don't know Cole, I did a nice interview with her on Koinup when I used to blog for them. She is, as I have said before, a very talented machinimist who has used this as a new medium rather than trying to make a poor video [the stage that I am still at], and manages, as she did/does with photographs, to raise the bar. I first blogged about her 3 years ago, almost exactly to the day regarding photographs.

On the subject of photographs....

...this one amused me. Giancarla Loon, a very good friend and customer of long standing came to visit me at Transubstantiation, juggling dog, monkey and baby..... but the look on my face seems to express my own feelings on motherhood... or is it just projection?

I guess I would rather be Rock and Roll....

....this was a brief interlude in my crazy build mania of last week.

...and I also managed to pop over to Betty Tureaud's build at Pirats too...

I tried to find out why the SL forum peeps are so dismayed at Rodvik's 'desertion' to FB, some of them felt like they had been jilted... but in order to get in to the pages it seems like you must "Like" them first, which I was pretty disgusted by really. Well, not REALLY disgusted, but, I mean, if that's the only way you can be liked....hmmm... well, you know what I'm sayin'.

Still, the idea that bouncing boobs is gonna reinvigorate SL is kinda worse really. Most of those that use TPV's already have enough wobble to satisfy. I can imagine the following promo video spawning a new wave of noobs with pink balloons pinned to their trouser fronts....

Always good to know LL is trying to enrich the worlds intellectual and cultural life....

Still, now that they have advertised for a new Social Media Guru [guru is sooo 90's] then I guess they will figure out what to do with a few 'likes' on FB... how to monetarise, to quote Miso.

Miso has done a marathon post on Rebecca Black, here who, it seems, has got the media and bullies out in force to tell each other how terrible her first song is...well....seems a mite unfair. My first painting was crap too (I guess), and , if she was your daughter you'd be proud.....and 84 million hits is not to be sniffed at.

Nepherses has done a great post about the native flora of VWs for the plant buffs amongst you... I did blog a bit about Dark Moon earlier last month....
.... and it's well worth a visit.

Now, on the art scene there is soo much going on I have totally lost track, I will have to blog about who is doing what with whom and where at some future time when I have my Blogger's Hat on... currently I'm a bit post-natal... (but bearing up...thank's to those of you who said such nice things about the build).

Well, that should do for a bit, sorry it's a bit all over the place...:)) "normal service will be resumed..."...hehehheehe



  1. wow... is that really a LL promo video?!?!?!

    awww, Post-Artum Depression *hugs and rubs feet*

  2. Well, the video isn't by LL, as far as I know, but Rodvik has mentioned it as one of the first real "improvements" that will be implemented . "Soft Physics" was in one of his many interviews recently.... along with customer service... oh, and lag... no mention of chat and search tho.... just a boob job. ....and they wonder why I think SL is going tits up.

  3. that video.....its really embarrassing :P