Tuesday, 5 April 2011


...my blood pressure??.. maybe....

read this and wonder......

"The redesign helped Second Life reach their goal of increasing active users by 40%, to 1 million. New user attrition has dramatically decreased and accolades continue to flow in from existing users on the blogosphere. This is the biggest and most successful overhaul of the Second Life experience since its creation in 2003."

What??...it's the Viewer 2.0 designers boasting about their redesign of Viewer 2.

"Usage statistics showed that over 50% of new users who register and download the Second Life viewer log in once and never go back a second time. 80/20 was asked to redesign the viewer to address attrition with new users but without alienating existing users. Secondly, the company wanted to broaden the appeal of the product and make it more attractive for corporate and educational use."

So....along comes three bright young Boys....

"80/20 evaluated the Second Life user experience and concluded that the redesign needed to be drastic. Cosmetic changes to the existing viewer were not going to be enough. The team designed a new viewer based on the browser paradigm, so that it was instantly recognizable by anyone who starts the app. The browser analogy made it easier for new users to navigate, explore and get immersed in the Second Life environment. As for the second challenge of engaging businesses and educators, the team added new productivity features such as VOIP functionalities to enhance virtual meetings, conferences and classes."

and the 2 Andies and one Jerry would "love to hear from you".... at this email..... info@8020studio.com.

They have heard from me.



  1. heh heh...well... whatcha think? Do they wanna hear from me?
    50% now stay? I call B S. !
    Come on... from less than 15% to over 50%?
    Thats not the chatter on the NCI group channel

  2. Actually, they are lying. It is because of me.

    Since I came to Second Life, statistics show there has been an increase of 179% moar users, IMs have become 92% moar funnier and there have been an additional 275% moar blogs, all of course directly attributable to me joining SL. If not for Viewer Poo those statistics would arguably be much moar.

    ps BONUS CAPCHA: dishie

    They have heard from my attorneys.

  3. Miso!! you have personally saved SL from ruin, well done...

    I think your statistics are reliable and would recommend you as ~New Shining Social Guru Saviour type person, anyday.

  4. I'm really happy that 80/20 joined the Holy Cause of Saving SL, which had started to become a real heavy load on those old and brittle Born Again Pagans shoulders.

  5. hmm, their site looks like poop on my monitor. i pulled it up in chrome, ie, and firefox and the text is really dumpy!

    i think all my uber positive blogging on how i heart SL is the massive positive feedback they are talking about . . .

    oh wait, that would have been my posts from two years ago, oh well - if they are going to say they saved SL i am going to take credit for the interwebz in general

    yep, 107.34% (+/- 2%) of internet users indicated that Ener Hax is who turned them onto the web. in fact, 76% of these individuals are personally thankful to Hax for inventing the internet

    seriously though, if it wasn't for a viewer, it would be hard to enjoy SL . . . =p

  6. Well, I got to hand it to them. When commentators were speaking of the cartoonish appearance of SecondLife avatars a few years ago those guys must have read that and decided to complete the Disney experience with viewer 2.

    No one else is blowing their trumpet for them so I guess they have to.

  7. Yep, Gaga, looks like the Three Stooges met Disney for a PR masterpiece.