Friday, 22 April 2011

Blender is Easy ... how to....

...make a mushroom.

Well, as I have said before, a lot of Blender tutorials are far too complicated. In this following video I am going to show you not how Blender works, but how to make something.

No hot keys, no shortcuts, no explanation of techniques you will never use.

Watch the video, pause it when you need to...


Then watch this video. [I seem to have managed to undelete a bit at the beginning, so it starts a bit messy...sorry. I'm not re-doing it cos it took ages to upload thanks to my ISP which works with steampunk efficiency]

It is 10 minutes long, but, obviously it might take you longer to do. I did, however, forget to tell you to save your work every 10 minutes or so...just in case. If it all goes wrong,...just start again....

Then...this next video shows you how to upload a sculpt map to a Virtual World, many of you already know how to do that.....its a short little clip.

Now, for the texturing, I will do a short video (below)...I have already done a series of workshops for texturing sculpties on this blog..... but none of them fit exaclty what you will need for these mushrooms.....

one... basic advice about textures
two... this is more about putting several textures on one prim, altho...if you don't have Photoshop or Gimp, you could photograph this and use it as a texture...I guess.. and the results of that
three this one is about using a test pattern, and to manipulate a sculptie map to use it as a texture....
four all about the colour orange and the spectrum
five is about making a texture seemless, and some messing about in Gimp.

Well, it turned out to be 7 minutes, not that can see the cogs of my brain working at times...but then .. that is how I work.

I would, if I was going to show this mushroom, print off the texture and paint it with water colour paints before I actually showed it to anyone, but this is a tutorial.... the idea is that you get the basics...refinement takes a few years..:))

I am very happy to do a bit of individual tuition inworld for anyone that gets stuck on any of the bits...or..maybe a class if there are enough people who want to go further with it.

have a good Easter...



  1. Sis, great giftie :)
    You might be thinking about approaching the Blender folks to see if they'd engage you to help make their product more approachable. Just a thought.

    You, too--have a fine easter :)

  2. You make it seem so incredibly easy - wish it was as simple. Your instructions are so clear and concise - thanks so much.