Saturday, 16 April 2011

Gimp Paint Studio

Well, I have only just discovered Gimp Paint Studio whereas many of you may have been using it for ages.... For those of you that haven't I just recorded a little view of the extended tools available... not that I have really had time to explore all the possibilities.

I already have a load of new brushes, gradients and patterns, from GPS, with a load of new fonts I downloaded previously from 1001 Free Fonts..

Gimp Paint Studio has a load of better videos than I could make including installation and download vids..... and you'll see I have kept with the old Gimp skin rather than use his trendier UI...'s just a heads up...

....more later.



  1. Oh my! It's like waking up to Christmas Morning.... NO I had not heard of this! Thank you Soror! *zoooooooms off to get a copy!* Meep!Meep!

  2. I didn't hear of this either..thank you!

  3. Thanks to seeing this blog post, I've now played with GPS a little and am loving it a lot. :)

  4. Hello I am Ramon miranda the creator of GPS project. nice to see that people is exploring it and discover it. I have a new domain so now i am in ,see you there , and thanks for the post sororNishi

  5. Thank you for GPS. Never heard of it until now. Also, i see you recommend 1001 fonts for downloading fonts. I would like to make another suggestion if possible: I'm using it and i think its a little bit better, mostly due to its simpler interface.

  6. Thanks Razvan, I will check that out.