Saturday, 19 June 2010

Wizzy and Prim Perfect.

Raven Haalan has written a very thorough article on Wizzy in Prim's on page 108.

It's thoroughly recommended reading.

Raven has excelled anything I am capable of, with a well researched and crafted piece of reporting; difficult to do when the person involved is one of your best friends...
With friends we tend to take their talents and gifts as 'given' as we have known them for so long and appreciated their work for years, so it takes a 'stranger' to communicate it to others....and someone who isn't shy of hard work (which writing such a competent article entails) done Raven.

..and Wizzy? of our gems, showing how good 3D environments are for incarnating complex concepts...and...if I hadn't flown thro it, the E8 would be just that to me, a concept.



  1. Hugs sonor! The E8 is some kinda piece... and Wizzy is a fabulous talent - kudos to her and her collaborators. :)

  2. well, you just have to grin and bear it when you are famous...:))