Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Inworldz and the smell of wet fur....

Well, as Brinda "smells wet fur" in the rush to the lifeboats.....

.... I thought I'd have a word with Scotsgraymouser, a seasoned and very creative builder who I first met in SL probably two or more years ago.

She moved to Inworldz, maybe 6 months or more ago, and it is partly due to her that I now have two small shop thingies and have earned my first "OSdollars".

She has 3 sims now in Inworldz... 135,000 prims, for less than one region (15,000 prims) would cost her in SL.

"I have 3 sims that I use to help creative artists, scripters, animators, etc. it is like a commune and with it we hope to have an interactive game. It has done amazing things for my creative streak..and the community is wonderful.

I've been to others [grids]..i stay here.......basically..i love it is what SL should have been..but decided not to be.

And that honestly makes me sad...."

Now, one of the amazing things about the founders, least Elenia, is that she will probably meet you when you arrive and say hi...they actually use Inworldz like you or I do, tho obviously they are pretty busy... Legion, and now Tranq are mainly busy doing computery things that people do to keep worlds going....

Scotsgraymouser explained..."I came here because i love to build. I love the use of the virtual environment to put into 3D form what i see in my mind.

Here, on the open grid, i have much more freedom of prim size and number [yep, 135k...a good number] to realise my dreams and this world, Inworldz, by virtue of its Founders has been the best grid for doing that. They too want people to realise dreams and made land/region ownership cheap and stable.

They listen to the residents..and like they are..value creativity, thus texture uploads are free. Copybotting, content theft is NOT they value that too."

...and, every time I go I meet new refugees...and these guys and gals are NOT noobs...tho we all look like we are...these are very skilled people...

The dumbing down of SL has already started a brain drain and these small grids will be the beneficiaries. It's all quite exciting.

You can find out about this particular life raft here.



  1. so far looks amazind, I am not sad about second life (great time belongs to the past) hope inworldz get the real spirit of the grid (and not a only company view). I am sure if they follow this step they will get a significant part of the virtual world market!

  2. Have been nosing around in Inworldz...was pleased to see some of your trees have sprouted up there.

  3. oh yes....they are breeding across the metaverse...:))

  4. I really like InWorldz, even if it's closer to Second Life I prefer OpenSim.