Sunday, 20 June 2010

Nipplegate Revisited

Well....there's nothing like a good kicking when you are down

but to give it to yourself...hmmm...well, this week....after a funny week......funny (peculiar) rather than funny (haha)....LL managed to stir up a lot of negative sentiment again.

The previous Nipplegate involved a stone statue ..that is a Primstone statue of a woman with Nipples at BL.....the artwork was banned.

This one involved the work of Rose Borchovski at SL7B, she had cartoon-like images of Susa Bubble a child like image and...this image had Nipples.

Now, as I pointed out at the previous Nipple post-mortum, all children (mostly) have both seen and sucked Nipples, so the idea that Nipples are gonna corrupt anyone is actually quite sick. Gods have Nipples. Christ on the cross is normally showing a ripe pair, so icons would be banned...and artists like MichaelAngelo or Raphael...they would be banned too...along with an endless list of Evil Nipple Painters.

Now, I have sort of boycotted SL7B, not in an active way, rather a passive.....can't be bothered sort of way. I hate themes, for a start, script fear, rules, no megas....very few prims...etc....can't really be bothered.....and I will go see friends pieces, no doubt, but....I am bored senseless even moaning about it....and BL isn't really much better...acres of Art Ghetto....

Now, what LL really needs is a good Something Positive to start the next week off well. The announcement about the Linden Endowment for the Arts...(LEA to you and me)... said really very little except that they have had a meeting and made lots of words about what they are gonna do. Seems like 70 sims has shrunk to 4 or 5 to start with ..and a committee has been decided upon...some good names

But... Nipplegate and LEA don't quite mix...

Well, now, I have been doing a bit more planting at "InArtz", Taralyn Gravois' place at Dolphin Bay in Inworldz along with Lemon Serendipity and Scottius Polke ....which was great fun. ...

In SL, Maeve has had me helping with a club, music venue and art gallery which we are both very pleased with. I hope to announce the opening in these pages shortly ...seems like Chrome might be the first to show and Hexx the first to play, but this is gossip and not confirmed as yet.....just teasing you all a bit...:))

Otherwise I'm working on my IBM ideas....and Wimbledon starts tomorrow...whoops, today. So I might be building less and watching the Evil Box more this week... and the RL weather may warm up a bit, it's been freezing....



  1. I'm with you on the "passive resistance" to SL7B. Only reason I'm going to rez foot in the place is as staff photographer for a club which has two of its DJ's scheduled during the proceedings.

    Meanwhile... I made my first visit(s) to Inworldz yesterday -- plural due to frequent crashes -- and saw some very familiar trees in the distance.

    Left you an offline friend request, too. :)

  2. Welcome to Inworldz Lalo! can be a lil laggy/crashy...but I think it's very cool.
    I know this is off topic..couldn't resist =^..^=

  3. FYI Offline friend request may not work yet Inworldz.

  4. hehhe.....coolio, Lalo... will catch you Inworldz soon I hope.

  5. yep, Scottius is right....:))