Thursday, 24 June 2010

Rezzed TV....was this the most boring show ever?

Brookston Holiday: Saveme was banned, so that Rezzed TV Island can continue to grow.

Well, not a new experience for SaveMe, I grant you, but I thought she was kinda cute, sitting there with a SaveMe for President title above her head. It was the "thought police" lollypop tho that sent Brookston (strange name) over the edge.

So, now this TV can continue to grow.....

Well, good luck. It was the only interesting thing happening there, SecondLie and some women, one of whom had the most awful voice were all discussing crap about Philip and Mark...(except they kept losing the plot). I think they were trying to compete as to who was the most boring. was just like watching Real TV, except the commercials are normally better than the programme and here...there were no commercials.

SecondLie wished me well when I banned myself (partly cos I was too bored to exist further in the same space as this panel)....

SecondLie Scribe: "pffft. go blow it out your pelvic attachment point, soror"

....and that is such an amusing avatar, really, a paper bag. I was soo amused, how very original. The 3D world is in safe hands when such vivid imagination is rife....... such a shame I missed more of your lucid comments....

The real point is that no-one has any idea how this will pan out, so to sit there and hypothesise, well...that's like RL just need more adverts, oh, and a subject could be good too...


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