Sunday, 27 June 2010

Philip's List...

Things to do on Monday 28/06/2010.

1) Sack the PR team.

2) Repair Chat.

3) Repair Search.

4) Dump Viewer 2.0

5) Get scalable megas rolled out.

6) Fix voice.

7) Go for long, expensive lunch....

8) Participate in group Ear-Wax Removal Event..

9) Have tea.

10) Hire new PR team.

11) Make list for tomorrow...



  1. ZOMG! =^..^= Too bad it won't be that easy.
    Maybe removing ear obstructions should be first?

    There's been way too many that haven't heard anything we've said for a couple years now.

  2. hehhehe....yes, could be that should be first order of business.

  3. #9 can be passed up (Phil's not English).

    #4 should take no more than replacing the link on the Downloads page with 1.23.5, LL's last usable viewer (someone must still have copies of the install files somewhere...)

    #5 just needs a phone call to any of the OpenSim grids to check which line in the code to change.

    But I agree: removing impediments to hearing should be moved up.

  4. Yep, should have time to do all that in one day, no problem...I know I could.
    I know you could, Lalo.

  5. Oh, I dunno... fixing chat, search, and voice on the same day? Don't think so. Getting it delegated and started? Yeah, that's do-able.

    I thought of another item for Phil's Day One: hire back a few sacked Lindens. That is, if they can afford to... as a private corporation, LL are not required to publish balance sheets. Not all of the cats are out of the bag about this.

  6. LL has indicated publicly that they have a strong balance sheet. that means that they are adequately capitalized. reading between the lines, we all conclude that they have recently not been profitable. hence, the decision no doubt by the Board of Directors to trim costs (and people). in philip's second SL7B speech he practically admits the profitability problem.

  7. If the pattern repeats itself, SL should now be in for a good run. Think back to the Apple story. Steve Jobs recruits John Sculley, tone deaf "suit" and Board-darling CEO of Pepsicola...the only connection to computers being that Pepsi often gets spilled on them. Apple founders and nearly tanks...Sculley is out...Jobs back in and the rest is i-history. We and SL should be so lucky and hopefully Rosedale will converge on a better, sharper business model than just plunging into 3D-Farmville. But, so far, I haven't picked up any insights from the SL7B fallout. As to drawing, best advice would be for the Linden's to all learn SketchUp before Google takes them over. Now, soror, there's a scary thought for you!

  8. @ Wizzy.....maybe we could buy em out after all then, I got some credit left on my card...

    @ aajami.....Well, we will see if the optimism is well placed (not sure he's much of a businessman).......The only thing Roses have in common with SL is that some "artists" hang photos of em in for a buyer... Dusan suggests it could be Amazon....or....Wizzy and I.

    ...and SketchUp looks pretty crappy to me perfectly suited to StupidVille...I'll teach you all to use Blender.