Thursday, 24 June 2010

News....well, sort of...A Positive Future looms??

"On behalf of the board, I thank Mark for all of his contributions during his tenure with Linden Lab which include growing our user base and revenue, increasing the stability of the platform, and nurturing and helping build a world class team," said Rosedale, who will continue to serve on Linden Lab's board of directors."

Well, I'm not really much of an insider.... I don't know anything much about the Boys except what I have read and heard discussed...

Now Mark has gone, Philip is back...and a lot of people are excited about the old team of Cory and Philip getting back together again, even tho, apparently, they may have had their differences.... I don't know.......I leave it to others to analyse .

I DO know however that if this means getting back to the core of a successful business by treating your core clients well, then I am all for it. Philip was certainly making all the right noises during his speak at the opening of SL7B, and even admitted that LL may have made some mistakes (lol)...

Surely any news is good news if it doesn't involve nipple-banning....we were definitely due some positivity round here..

So....Philip we welcome you back......tentatively..



  1. i don't know if i can take any more of this excitement. they sure know how to make this second life interesting.

  2. hey someone go tel Philip to get his artwork ready for an exhibition at UWA... lol

  3. Can't wait, after the doodles of M Linden, for a new artistic highlight when Philip becomes creative.

  4. Yes, we are all on the edge of our seats...:))

    ....better still if he did his job.

    Wizzy....the next chapter is down to you.... any ideas for the ongoing soap?? (Soap Life?) Maybe Philip could marry Mark...or turn out to be his long lost father.....

  5. you don't want the next chapter to be down to me. instead of interesting, it will all turn out outrageous.