Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Cole and Bryn in another masterpiece..

This is a piece by ColeMarie for Shanghai and it is, of course, well up to her usual standard. It's called No Colour, one of the Open This End themes for the show there.

The build is by Bryn who excels in that desolate landscape thingy with a few odd plants by me...... as Cole quipped.......Bryn angst meets Soror weed.

ColeMarie is really bringing a completely new medium to life in how she uses Machinima, it is fast becoming HER medium, as she seems to understand how to use it better than those who treat it like a video, which it isn't (and can't be for xx years, (or however long it takes for the graphix to get to film quality).

Her talents with photo manipulation were the first thing that amazed me, maybe two years ago when we first met, and her work in machinima is a direct continuation of those skills she taught herself in 2D image making.

The fact that she also writes and performs music, makes great clothes and amazing particle shows etc, etc....just goes to show she is a mad autonomous robot disguised as a faerie.


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