Monday, 5 April 2010

Self Service and Self Serving

Life is a bit of a jungle, and it's very easy to forget that cos we live in comfortable and relatively safe environments as compared, for example, to our pioneer forefathers and mothers.

This statement holds true in both worlds.

LL, and my local Estate Agent (I am trying to secure a new RL hovel) behave in exactly the same manner. Now, in the pioneering days when a greedy self serving power crazed fool took over a town you could get him shot and hope things would return to normal.

LL has a new bullet proof vest (the ToS) and we all wish them the best.

Mostly the power crazed don't really affect our sense of Self, and the greedy simply steal stuff.

It is right to look at our virtual existence occasionally and ask "What do I want?" ...If the new viewer and the death of the alternative viewers is just too much to handle, well, then Botgirl is right....use your feet to vote and go to another grid.

There is a point at which, in the development of any major organisation or collective of people, the initial 'spark' gets crushed by the 'suits'. Money men take over with their lawyers and the 'spirit' of the creative originators is a worthless commodity. Anyone who thinks it could never happen to Reaction Grid is's a type of inevitable maturing, never well managed, always bemoaned by the originators who get stabbed in their beds at night.

So...there will be, for years to come, the fight between the free (gratis) web and the Gated Community (Lalo's link in comments to Snickers) of Apple and ilk.
It is probably possible to trace the different mind-sets back to Plato and Aristotle if you like that sort of thing.

I'm not gonna start a review of that particular topic here.

My point is that you simply have to serve your Self. I have to let LL and my Landlord walk over my inflated ideas of what I 'should' have a 'right' serves my ends., if it serves my Self.

No-one said life was fair, but then being down-trodden is possibly better than being eaten by wolves....who knows.

But, of course, the opposite of wisdom is bitterness....and being eaten by wolves is probably better than becoming bitter.

so....make sure you get plenty of sweetness in both your lives ...even tho it might be self-service...hehehehehehe



  1. Disappointment is nothing more (or less) than expectations set too high. Cynical or wise? Powerful (as in having nothing to lose) or down-trodden? You decide.