Sunday, 11 April 2010

OS grid and Mayana Mersereau

This is a sort of back to front thing. This is an "after" shot.....and the following one is "before".

This is Nishi Beach as you may's the first time I have been able to snap it with my new computer, Max.... so it's Nishi Beach thro Max's eyes...

......and.......that's my first OS Grid prim there in the centre of my new sim...:

Now, a very generous girl called Mayana Mersereau has given me a sim to play with on OS Grid. It's proper address is New Libertopia VI, but I have christened it Nishiland, of course,....what else...?

Have managed to de-Ruth to a certain extent and am looking forward to a thick 15k prim forest arising, in between RL hovel-moving....

....further details to's not the most stable grid....yet.....but you will be made welcome, and, if you are already a visitor....friend me.....



  1. Next time I log in to OSG, I'll do just that :)

    ... and, you are welcome to visit LaloLand.

  2. If the tp's are working I'll certainly come and say hi...:))

  3. is now called Nishiland. but i'm a mist and keep arriving at a super high altitude. i don't know if this is because OSGRID knows of my reputation for high-altitude exploration or what.

  4. omg, yes....all is not well, yet....long way to fall for us