Sunday, 19 October 2008

Pixi Cosmos

[16:01] Pixi Cosmos: i killed my bats
[16:02] soror Nishi: ohhh
[16:02] soror Nishi: too much love and affection?
[16:02] soror Nishi: drove you batty??
[16:02] Pixi Cosmos: they we re going so fast they kept flying headfirst into my window , ran out of windowleen
[16:03] soror Nishi: hehehehehehhe
[16:03] soror Nishi: bat poo probs
[16:03] Pixi Cosmos: yeah exactly
[16:04] soror Nishi: no joke bat poo
[16:04] Pixi Cosmos: also pixis have very sensitive hearing .... the squuking and clicking was defining me
[16:04] Pixi Cosmos: gwano
[16:04] soror Nishi: hehehehehehe
[16:04] soror Nishi: uno gwano
[16:04] Pixi Cosmos: he he he

Another of those talented creative people who make me love SL so much. Pixi makes her own clothes and has a great garden that she's always happy to show people around...


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