Monday, 13 October 2008

Dead Cat Bounce and squirrels

Well, as the stockmarkets all bounce, hopefully not like a dead cat, and things return to normal, I just did a little bit of maths and discovered that if you threw a £1000 out of your window every minute of every day for a year....... you would be half a billion pounds worse off..... so the bankers must have had help to get through all that cash.

The solution we seem to be lumbered with, though, seems to me like taking the air out of your back tyre to pump up a flat front tyre. Not sure about the logic there.

Look forward to having the same fools run the same banks, with my contributions...

But here, things are back to normal, the squirrel is burying all the birds peanuts in my lawn, luckily I can afford that... if they were made of gold I couldn't, the squirrel wouldn't be interested, but my neighbour's a bit dodgy looking ...

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