Wednesday, 23 May 2007

Soror's Place

That just goes to show you
a good PA is worth her weight in gold
bean has just finished lengthy arrangements with our beautiful landlady, (seen below)
and finalised the arrangements so that
I am the Owner of Soror's Place!!!

I know bean looks a little confused but thats her natural look. She's lived a pretty sheltered life in the country before coming to SL.

Any way I had to tell everyone and Midnight said come dance the crash
so I went to this fabulous club, give the name later.
Couldn't find my dance in my inventory so sat down and.........found a photographer, possibly and I bought, well, not quite, didn't have enough money, a Fabulous pair of boots.

Mr. Hern Worsley, you are a genius
obviously it takes one to know one, :),
(modesty is another of my many talents)
(though as a maker he's light-years ahead of me.)
(Managed to grow my hair yesterday.)

Still got some litter on the living room floor I dont know how to pick up.......

Life is great.

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