Wednesday, 30 May 2007

busy, busy, busy

Well, first it was the gardener with the long name, he came with the bamboo... then bean was using the studio for her new skin...then i just got distracted i suppose.

Well, now I've got time to get some stuff done and I can't get in.
Can't log on, well, Burton was having trouble, earlier today.

So LL it there a problem?

I got things to do.
Went to see this huge apartment that Carmen, a friend of mine, is renting. Wow, talk about classy...
Huge bathroom and 3 beds! I was really impressed.
And then had to dash.. busy

Anyway haven't done much building in the last 24hours.
Just been logged out again, not really crashed because I didn't get in in the first place...
hello, I'm in,,, hurrah

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