Thursday, 17 May 2007

funny old day

This is going to be the first photo in my portfolio, I have to put one together for the modeling.

Some of you will be pleased that I have to do some glamour poses as well, as you have made clear from your emails. On which note, a word Mr-you know-who-you-are, an email should be composed of more than 4 words. ‘Get em off luv’ is not an email to send to an aspiring girl, you are now Junk.

On a brighter note, although a bit disturbing......well, I had my first (very strong, as it turns out) cocktail today, it was blazing hot and I found one of those beach bars, like in the tropics. I never got around to trying on my new swimwear... I was on my second, and to be quite honest, I was knocking them back and then, nothing.

I must have blacked out for about 4 hours! Well, luckily those Linden boys got me back home and I woke up on the sofa, safe and sound. So, cool.
Rearranged some furniture and went shopping.

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