Saturday, 12 May 2007

Ah ha my first creation

Well, I just made my first top.
orange and yellow.
Not a great shot of it I'll admit but my sl guru tells me help may be on its way re. photographer.
So now I just have to find a dentist, publicist, script writer, estate agent, builder.... the list is getting shorter, a bit.
Funny day really, I wont tell you how long it took to make this it would be embarrassing. Then I coudnt find it.

Went to the Isle of Wyrms today it was great. I bought the BIGGEST thing I have ever owned in my whole life.....a dragons cauldron no pestle and mortar it is huge. So I had to get one for the house, not that I have got myself anywhere, still sleeping rough (thank you Linden Boys for only giving me $50 a week to live on, how am supposed to become famous on $50 a day). AND I lost it in my inventory, found it now though.

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