Monday, 21 May 2007


Well, a bit of a mixed day today.
Bit of excitement and bit of disappointment.

First the good was that i thought I'd found a friend but she was too interested in the real world and wanted to control the world. I think it's called a power complex. She was sweet but when she sent her sister, who was the spitting image ( same face ) I just saw red. Checking up on me and trying to trick me and things and wearing a different name so I gave her the works. You know I have trouble with my mouth. So, that was a short friendship. I cut ruskar and the witch out of my friends list, after all, you cant waste time, its precious....

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But Mr. Moon brightened my day.
As ususal.
You'll have to check on a previous blog for his real name. something Moonsoo. He's cool, at Lescrow Fields, where I've met him often at the end of the day.
This is him today!!!!

So after I exchanged pleasantries with Mr. Crow/Moonsoo I headed back to Burtons Landing.
Burton and Sapphire were very nice to me, as usual and I feel quite whacked, not literally, tired.
Busy day but no business done.
Must get to work tomorrow.
No time to waste.
Rent to pay.
770L$/month so not bad, but i only earned L$18 so far this month! Ouch, and I lent the witch 200 which she'll probably not pay me back cos she has a bad attitude to life. But enough of that.
Saw some beauty today
and some boring
hey ho

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