Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Lion OSX , Imprudence and Windlight.

Well, bit of a Mac users post... for those that have, for better or worse, upgraded to Lion.

Now, those that use Imprudence as opposed to the V2 series of viewers, there is a little problem with missing sky files... All seems well with the latest Firestorm if you do a clean install, but there are 8 'missing' sky files from your Windlight skies if you use Imprudence.

Full instructions on the small changes you need to make are thanks to Esbee Linden.... to repeat them briefly (sorry everyone else)... go to Contents/Resources/app_settings/windlight/skies and change the following..

A%2D3AM.xml becomes A-3AM.xml

A%2D3PM.xml becomes A-3PM.xml

A%2D6AM.xml becomes A-6AM.xm
A%2D6PM.xml becomes A-6PM.xml

A%2D9AM.xml becomes A-9AM.xml

A%2D9PM.xml becomes A-9PM.xml

A%2D12AM.xml becomes A-12AM.xml

A%2D12PM.xml becomes A-12PM.xml

...and that will sort you out.

Other people are having more serious problems, because Lion is not yet supported.... as reported here.....and the SL

"Maybe if you hadn't sacked half of your dev team the client would work. Unfortunately this seems to be becoming the normal state for Second Life. OSX Lion is a major release and frankly it's embarassing that you don't 'support' it yet. It's been available for months to devs this should have been covered." Trinity Dechou quite rightly remarked....

They have had 18 days to fix it.... so far.... even if they forgot it was being released.


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