Thursday, 4 August 2011

Country Life

I'm sitting at a posh desk in a library in a huge house in the country; I'm house sitting for rich people.I do this on occasion for a couple of couples of my rich clients when they shoot off round the globe and have so much stuff they are worried about getting nicked that they get me to be Object Sitter.

Minding objects is OK, the responsibility is just about right for me...i.e.. not too great.... and the place is well supplied with alcohol, food and hunting scenes on the walls, or at least those that don't have huge portraits of unknown dead people.

The couple I'm stuff-minding for a some of my nicest clients and their country ambitions are kinda cute seeing as they are both townies at heart.

Although I have no idea how many bedrooms and TVs this place has, I do know the computer is rubbish. Firstly its a PC with Vista installed, and, worse than that is the keyboard. Mac has probably made the greatest contribution to mankind in the form of their keyboard, it is pure genius and I recommend anyone who hasn't, to get one. The difference between my Mac keyboard and this is like the difference between a wheel barrow and a Ferrari .... except this one would be no good for horse manure.

Anyway... as you will see, no effort has been spared in slowly tapping out these few words, just so you know I am not gonna be silenced by Medieval Technology...

In other news...well...lots of drama as usual and now, to make matters easier for us, Wizzy is doing a Drama Watch on her blog ... here..... that should be interesting.

Anyway... catch up later in the week when I have had time to aclimatise..

Oh, yes, the photo doesn't have much to do with me except I helped serve the 30 or so horse riders with scotch and port and nibbles before they went off pretend hunting ... (not a Meeroo in sight).

It's another world...



  1. Rich people hunting for fun! Whats the world coming too lol. Hey rich peoples buy some diamonds or rubies and stuff and not drape dead aminulz round your necks XD. Remember the Meero International Liberation Front (M.I.L.F) protects all aminulz.

  2. Wow I bet that sim was REALLY LAGGY! Are those sculpted or mesh bloodhounds? If it wasn't for the obviously fake people... I would swear they were real.

  3. have you loaded the SL client on the rich people's computer? i hope so.

  4. picture looks like preparations for a Meeroo hunt? ^^

  5. They're off to count all the streetwalkers: "Tally Ho!"

  6. Darling I've been thinking this one through
    We've been fighting like cat and dog now here's what we've go to do
    This life in the city is killing the love that we one knew
    We could be happy in the country

    We would spend so many lovely days
    We'd have chickens and cows and corn and whatever it is farmers raise
    At breakfast each morning we'd fry up our own hand-picked eggs
    We could be happy in the country

    So let's pack our bags up together
    And we'll be in the clear forever

    We'll just sit right back and watch while our crops grow
    While we listen to gals like Kitty Wells on country radio
    Weekends we's two-step at some cowboy bar just down the road
    We could be happy in the country

    I know that the local folks will make us feel right at home
    We'll have homemade whiskey and ramble down country roads

    And I would learn to ride on the rodeo
    I'd have shiny boots and a cowboy hat so that nobody'd ever know
    That we'd once been city folks that owned sporty cars and fancy homes
    If we could just be in the country

    Crash Test Dummies, The Country Life

  7. Rich folks in the country--okay if they are old money. Probably are if they fox hunt.

    The new-money set ruin the fun.

    There is the other sort of "country life" that I live IRL, one in overalls and not a crimson hunting tunic. It means hard work in the heat or cold for many hours a day tending the land, the farm equipment, or the buildings that always need work.

    One encounters snakes close up, then watches bears one might shoot (until one sees the cubs) destroy a line of pear trees; a fence is a wonderful thing when it's in the ground. But my sort of country life also includes the evening reward of off-the-Internet time with book, a pipe full of burley, and a glass of whiskey. There's a whole world out there living Farmville and not playing it :)

    Probably by the time I retire, there will be rural broadband. But I doubt much else will change. The county loses population to the cities, but a few of us are out there, learning to farm against the day when all the easy oil is gone and the cities need more food from nearby.

    I reckon I'm more Virginia hillbilly than fox-hunting gentry. Just need to master the art of makin' me some Shine :)

  8. @Iggy, yes, I work outside too, but sitting by the pool with a white wine spritzer is nice for a few days too..... now I must buy a lottery ticket....