Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Democracy of Incompetence

The quality of incompetence is not strain'd,
It droppeth as the gentle rain from heaven

...and in true democratic style it falleth on those with huge Meeroo businesses and anyone else that gets in the way.

LL have gone one stage better than Google+ and banned people with Names Like Griefers..... and in doing so highlighted another problem with Real Names... i.e. Cock-Ups if your RL name is the same as a griefer.

..... So...the problem with security is that it is only as good as the moron controlling it....and 'there's the rub'.

Now, I understand that like the Super Congress, outsourcing bad decisions can get the shit to hit someone else's fan, but, those people are responsible for your business.

Your business is only as good as it's weakest link. The weakest link is going to be someone who never goes into SL and has no idea how it works....so...outsource the garbage collection by all means, but... security, no.

For those of you that haven't read the details... Tateru is as usual the best source.... while Skylar suggested a death watch.... "every minute X Meeroos starve to death", which I assume (not hope) they do if they are unfed. This could resemble one of those Great Extinctions, what with Horses and Bunnies being in Court currently, ( a place LL might find emselves too).

Crap rightly points out that the Top Money People in SL should really not have their accounts handled by fools and I think they should have them protected like the US government protects the rich. It makes good economic sense, the poor are, after all, financially-unwashed collateral damage.... like Google+, Washington and LL could give a damn, but the rich you have to take care of.

When you go to bed tonight the cries of thousands of starving Meeroos may fill your thoughts but, don't worry, it is on The Linden Conscience that these poor dead animals lie.... it's the Boys who will have to quake in the face of Meeroo Karma.

....also...some advice, don't change your name to Roomee or Reemoo, it's probably a cause for a ban.... must be against one of the zillion ToS clauses.

Now, back to discussing alternative ingredients for the Wizzy and Miso BBQ....



  1. So as Mera im safe but if my name was Meeraa.... gosh all mighty! :P


  2. I will categorically state in this public forum that neither Mera nor I support this tragic starving of Meeroos. Yes, we cook and eat them, but we do so in a responsible manner, bagging only those few Meeroos necessary to a good Meeroo dish and using all parts of the Meeroo, wasting nothing and maintaining Nature's balance.

    Won't someone think of the Meeroos!

  3. ooo....Meeera, you might get banned still...

    Miissoo, you could be in trouble too.... It begins with M, your name....