Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Country Life 2 ... Back at Home

Quite sorry to leave this house in the country and go back home, but very glad to have my own computer and my wonderful bed. Nothing quite like home.

This is a new flower border that we planted up in April out at the house in the country... (not my house ....if you missed my previous post)

...and this is it 4 months old. It will hopefully bulk out over the next 3 years..... if the rabbits can be kept away. It took most of the winter to remove 60 years ivy growth from the walls, but well worth it next year when the clematis really start to take off.

Back at my desk for a few days now before heading off to another country house to look after the poorly cat while the resident family of humans is away in Sri Lanka... strange sort of thing to do, (not going to Sri Lanka, house sitting) but it makes for a free holiday for me.

This next one starts on Saturday, and the house boasts the slowest internet connection this Millenium... oh well... patience is a virtue they say, tho in this case it's a virtual virtue.



  1. Ohhhh, lovely! I can't tell from the photo, but some Foxglove would do wonderfully against those walls and attract the Fae :)

  2. Foxgloves, lillies and gladioli have mostly all gone over now, the poppies, cornflowers and dahlias are coming into flower and hopefully there are a few late bloomers to take us through to the autumn, like cosmos.

  3. my clematis hasn't come up. i'm bummed. :( but i do have lots of foxglove. :)

  4. Wizzy, don't give up on your clematis, they can take a year off, and come up later. Keep it lightly watered and hope.

  5. ohhh it looks so awesome!! house sitting seems to be a nice occupation! =)) sorry about the connection but patience is a virtue ;)

  6. Yes Wizzy; Foxglove is a traditional garden flower to attract and shelter fey and garden pixies as well as garden Divas.