Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Juanita Deharo at Pirats

I have seen a lot of stuff that pretends to be more than it actually is. Juanita's piece, Man the Hunter, however, turns out to be the opposite. Like several of her previous pieces it makes no big fuss, but I found myself dwelling on it for a long time after I had first seen it. It's enigmatic, but not overly complicated, so that surprised me somewhat. Worth a visit, I would is to be found ... here

Now, Pirats is a very active group, and they are also showing.......

vroum Short - Binary Quandry - Rolling Shuffle - Fuschia Nightfire - Treacle Darlandes- luciella Lutrova - Tani Thor - Melina AKA ling Serenity - Daco Monday - Maryva Mayo - Kolor Fall - Igor Ballyhoo - Juanita Deharo - nessuno Myoo and Kicca Igaly

...not all of whom I have seen, or know. Nessuno I have written of before here, briefly.

SaveMe oh has done her performance piece in Pirats, caused a stir and got herself banned, which is her artform. The controversy has raged for days, one discussion in chat (which I luckily missed) on the nature of art etc. etc. lasted over an hour and got very heated. ... does this prove that SaveMe is a good artist...well, who cares what it's called....

All part of life's rich pattern....... . important never to take yourself, or your cause, too seriously, it opens you to ridicule......

.."riding for a fall" (a great tune)...



  1. Beautiful photos of Juanita and her work!

    Save Me Please


  2. Well, yes. Hehehe. In theory it is a good chance for a discussion, but "what is art?" is one I would have stayed up all night discussing when I was 15, today, I am less enthusiastic about definitions...:))