Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Selavy Oh strikes again......

OK, so, I went to the SL5B, nice to be invited to a birthday party, EXCEPT.... when I got there I wasn't allowed in cos the sim was full...... now, I'm no genius, but...... if you are LL and you have a party...... you know what I'm gonna say, don't you....... make sure that you got room for everyone.
And, if you think that a lot of random Possible-In-Real-Life builds crammed onto some sims is gonna get anyone excited....well.....

Luckily, Selavy Oh has a build there which IS worth seeing... its at.... SL5B Sculpty (26,147,23) and you have to sit on the sofa to see it.....v cool as usual, Selavy...:))

...now, a mini rant warning...... either someone has read these pages 3400 times or 3400 people have each read a page, whatever, you will know I have to rant occasionally to keep in practice.
This rant revolves around another sign, (last rant was Brooklyn is Watching, or maybe some cock up at LL.....)....this time its a type of Greeting Card Philosophy that people can print (in dodgy Font) on a 10x10m prim...and believe its worth the effort......

Seen at SL5B...... "children are the life blood of culture".... aww, very fluffy. Fluffy brained that is. Artists are the life blood of culture, ancestors create it, children are simply born into a culture, a 2 day old baby doesnt create a culture..... it just absorbs. A 2 year old child doesnt create a culture... a 12 year old, having spent years absorbing a culture MAY start to produce his/her own particular versions/ modifications of a culture. No child has ever been the life blood of a culture (except, maybe Bart Simpson, but he's older than he looks...:)) )

"children are the life blood of a community" is fine.. correct and really fairly indisputable.
at the sight of a 10x10m prim, someone has obviously lost the power of thinking... happens a lot.... in RL you have to pay printing costs, so idiot phrases are normally smaller....

Well, I had to write to the builder of this stupendous prim and tell him what I thought..... he hasnt replied....:))))

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