Saturday, 21 June 2008

party then Charlot....

Well, I arrived late for the party and stayed for a was all good stuff, IONIC played a great set as I'm sure DD did, tho I missed it....
met Violet Nishi, a cousin, shes on the lower photo, centre ...more or less,.... there were some very pretty girls there, so you guys missed out a bit I think.....

Then went on to the show by Charlot, find SLURL on her page here
its at the FashionResearchInstitute, Shengri La Peace, 168,185,91 its fantastic.

for Midsummer day the weather is nothing to shout hurray about.... ah well, np..........60's build is brewing.....Spiral and Ordinal doing scripty things with my furniture.....Rar will announce opening sooon.....:))

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