Sunday, 29 June 2008


Well, I have withdrawn my services from the rezzable 60's ride. So it will not be, well, not by me anyway.... I just had to make the decision to get out, the pay wasn't good enough for what I was supposed to provide, and, like a lot of contractors, the goal posts changed and promised were not kept.

It's a great weight off my shoulders, I think there is a need for a real discussion amongst design and build providers in Second Life about minimum rates of pay. There are no Unions to protect workers rights, and I think thats a hazard for many.

Anyway, Rezzables loss is your gain, I have got some 60's furniture knocking about in the shop, for sale, so... as my coffee table at npirl was such a success, I have "coffee anyone?" version 2 for sale, rather more colourful than the previous one, which is also in the shop. Will be selling some other 60's stuff over the next few days..... so watch this space.... :))

and the rains have given a spurt to a whole load of mushrooms that have suddenly appeared.....
good news for all the mush fans....

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