Friday, 6 June 2008

Issues .... again......

Well, its a bit stupid of the Linden Boys to ask if my experience of SL is getting better or worse when I cant even log in.....
thats like asking a dead person if the medicine

Anyway, I thought I'd be ironic, even tho I have heard that Americans aren't always very good with irony, and said that I thought my experience was getting better, and that I hated Windlight.... so... it'll probably go in the bin, but at least this time I did get a chance to enter text in the little "why?" box...... so somethings improving

Very pleased with the flower I did last night, and got some funkier tex for my new 1 prim trees, but you cant see em yet cos I cant get online...:((

Oh, well, SLX will be having a field day, all us lost souls looking for something to spend our money on....could it be that SLX has to sabotage SL occasionally to stay solvent?? ah.... the plot thickens .... I havent got stuff on SLX yet, and may never do....we'll see.....just couldnt figure out which products, I got the best part of 100 different things to sell ... and luckily some people manage to find Treeworks.... :)) .....well done you....

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