Sunday, 20 April 2008

A new tree in the shop

This is the new tree, its called The Leopardfruit Tree, and is as uncommon as it is unusual.... its very sensitive, having developed alone in the forest for many years before man had evolved. The approach of anyone, nowadays, makes the tree drop all its ripe fruit.... strange but fairly dramatic...

There is one growing on the beach, one in the shop and another has taken root at Brooklyn is Watching.... worth seeing...:))

meanwhile........ npirl has got a sort of building festival, thats more than......

"Rezzable Productions and the Not Possible IRL group have joined forces to hold a large-scale two month extravaganza loosely themed around “The Garden of NPIRL Delights.”

This isn't just about building. It's about giving content creators free reign to further discover their creative might *flex!* and the opportunity to shape our virtual world in ways that... yea, you got it, would not be possible in Real Life.

Taking a page from that madman and artist, Hieronymus Bosch, Rezzable and NPIRL invite you to help us conceive and construct the NPIRL Garden of our collective dreams, spanning four sims to illustrate: the Underworld, Earth, and Paradise"

thats the idea, so if you are interested, just email....


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