Saturday, 26 April 2008

The Garden of NPIRL Delights

Its the big news.....

Got in...... will be building a new forest at NPIRL's Garden of Delights, which they are doing with

soooo,........ very pleased, looking forward to it...

its gonna be 2048 meters, thats about the same size as my Orange Island build, and will be in The Underworld.....:)) spoookie....
as you will see from their website, its gonna be themed... lots of fun for all...

Charlot Dickins is building there too, and shes got a treat in store for us all....:)) I expect it'll be really great..


  1. Woot! And we're glad to have you! Did you get a triptych yet? If not, send me an IM. ;)

  2. Thanks, I'm quite excited...

    I will send you an IM, but dont know your second name....vint.......??

  3. Soror, I just wanted to drop in and thank you for all your magnificent contributions to the Garden of NPIRL Delights. Of course you got in! If you hadn't submitted a proposal I would have come after you and hounded you!

    It simply would not have come together quite as well without **your luscious landscaping** and, of course, your imaginative build.