Tuesday, 1 April 2008


Well, you probably already read this....

Havok is on the way........ Hmmmmm..... well, here already actually.... well, better plug in the Blender, cos we're gonna be off-line I guess if the past teaches us anything.....(very sceptical soror) anyway, cant get much worse than last week..... or can it??

this from the Linden Boys....

"Second Life Simulator v1.20.0.83683 Is On The Way! (previously known as Havok™4 Beta Server)
This Saturday we announced the release readiness of the new Second Life Simulator, previously known as the Havok™4 Beta Server. Testing this weekend turned up a couple of issues that we took care of this morning. As a result of this successful initial run, we will be deploying the new Second Life Simulator today and tomorrow in two phases"

well, we'll see..... :)) I guess its in-place which is why everything got turned off..... probably got a download due......

Anyway, been a long day.....:)) will be smiling again in the morning,,........

Bugger, bloody Blogger bugged too........ no photos tonight....:)))))


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