Monday, 28 April 2008

Busy Moving Mountains

Yes, been moving mountains, and those 100 meter prims are a lot of trouble, flying round and round, lol, wears me out just thinking about it.....

Still, gonna refrain from showing you any pictures as yet, cos it'll be better when the trees are in.

NPIRL is also kicking off, so gotta book some space for my little foray into hell, well, The Underworld: hmmm... sounds like real life.....

Charlots been selling stuff faster than she can make it, check her stuff out at....( never get this right)

and check out Gaia too, while you are there..

Nothing much to report, on the gossip scene, had my head (and body) inside prims for the last week...(year)
oh yes.... its my rezz day on Wednesday, one year old....:))..... just a babe.....

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