Tuesday, 3 July 2007

An ancient race of trees

One of the many amazing things that we are gradually discovering about the island which has a sort of native magic about it is the size of the ancient trees that once covered the land with a dense and rich canopy.

the shifting sands after the last storm revealed the stumps, giving us a fair idea of how huge they were..

We've got a very nasty bit of quicksand as well that catches us all unaware......

anyway, not much happening apart from me doing some graphics for Zennas club and hanging out on the beach.... nearly went shopping the other day, but the lag bored me senseless.. so i gave up....hehehe......sod it!

Have met a very nice pussy cat who adopted me for the day....but like all cats wandered off ....I like that in a cat.

Still waiting for the crane before I can start building....

And I may be getting new eyes.... we'll see!!!



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