Wednesday, 18 July 2007

Timewave at Calistas beach

Well, bean has been raving about the DJ Timewave2012 Planer, and tho his name sounds more like a woodworking tool than a DJ, shes told me that anyone whos into Psychodelic trance, either melodica or philosophica will love it.
She asked me to mention Freizeit Planer, dont know if they're related, who really brightened up the show with his outfit.. .(no photo? bean).. and some stunning effects apparently
She took this photo herself, an being a little short, didnt manage to get much of Timewave in the frame...still, nevermind......
I was meanwhile building my little socks off on the island while she was larking around on the dance floor.

It seems like we have ghosts on the island which is a little worrying for Iz and I as they seem to have taken up residency on the hill top. We know they are there cos they show up on the Map, but when we go to check it out..... nothing, invisible people......... spooky

otherwise the weather continues to be fine, sunshine with a light breeze, and perfect for building.

After a staggering 20 attempts I finally manage to blend and bake a good branch, the previous ones all looked like the beetle had been at them and hollowed out the, a small success :)

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