Thursday, 28 June 2007

Zentral Park, Zentrum, Zenergy and...The Grill thrill.

Oh My God
and as you know I'm normally quite mouthy...:).....well some of you do.. :)

I don't know where to start
Well, the teleporter, I suppose, if you go and ONLY use the teleporter, you will have had a great time.... it is more fun than is decent...hehehe

Then the All-Seeing-Eye,...I'm in love with the All-Seeing-Eye, lol, how COOL can one machine be....
Security and Philosophy from one machine...I want to hug it and have its babies..

Its a brand new hideously cool, evilly smart, soror-mouth-shuttingly-great set up....ok, so I ran out of adjectives, give a girl a break... jeez

Well, you can see its not just a club
theres a huge place for events downstairs, called the Zentrum
then theres a ladies only club...Zenergy on the next floor
and, my absolute fav... the Grill great is that..just loook at the photos....

Well it is the talented Zenna Slade, a gentleman to make any girl tend to loose concentration....
who is the mastermind behind all this, supported by the very lovely Lace Babii, his manager and, (must be) extremely compatent Manageress.

And they are OPENING ON SATURDAY, so forget the'll all crash anyway... put on your dancing shoes..( you can leave the anims at home the floors got 30 dances programmed in)....
I know where I'll be...dressed to kill, at the Grill thrill....hehe,sound like a

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