Monday, 9 November 2009

Gaming Computers.

Courtesy of (but without permission)....BeastComputers

It's been one of those weeks already and it's only Monday, verging on Tuesday...

I have a few things lined up on my "to do" list, and a few gardens to look after in both worlds so my fingers should be green and my back sore by the end of the week.

I've gone all geeky again this week, must be the weather or something, I keep drooling over computer pictures like a sort of techno-porn addict, rather sad, but strangely normal. Always thought of myself as a bit of a non-materialist (my excuse for being poor) but those sleek techno towers and talk of huge graphics cards gets me very interested indeed.

When I bought my lovely little baby Mac, i never thought I would become a Gamer, I thought I would be travelling the world with my trusty lappy strapped to my back, venturing to far flung regions, encountering new cultures etc, etc.

Not far from the truth of what I have spent my last two years doing, really, but in a different world to the one I had imagined. .....and thus, and therefore, I have become a Gamer.

Well, a Gamer needs a Gaming Computer, and......yummm..... they have some serious graphics cards, cooling systems's enough to turn a girl's head. I've even been reading about how to build your own.... how's that for geeky. Think my geek rating would double.....

Anyway, this is all frivolity, just seems like years of shopping frenzy has been channelled into a machine lust, well, desire may be a better word, I only want to use them..... LOL... don't get carried away here... could get carried away here..



  1. I had this idealized dream for awhile of getting a macbook and becoming a writer, tapping away at a book or two or writing interesting blogs and editing videos while drinking coffee in cafes and watching the world go by, it's almost like buying into a lifestyle but no credit card and a lack of funds put paid to that dream.

  2.'s good to dream.. :))

  3. Most people don’t use their computer solely for gaming. The other applications for which you plan to use your computer will help determine what kind of computer you buy.

  4. Very true, Second Life tends to need a particular type of graphics card tho, most often associated with a gaming computer.
    It is, for most of us, Second Life that sets the highest requirements, most of the other stuff the majority of us do could be done on any 'normal' machine.

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