Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Npirl/Rezzable Garden of Delights.... soror Nishi trees

Got to plant some more trees at Npirl/Rezzable Garden, in between other builds, and places where it needed some extra visuals, in spite of SL being a bit of a bugger....:)) buggy, I mean..

Opens tomorrow for press and bloggers

my 52nd tree is showing at the garden for the first time, one version is inside my Build, which is called, by the way..."In My Head"... and the idea is that you walk into the build rather than fly past, but, of course its up to you.....

theres a pretty version (of 52nd Ancient) out near some excellent chicken/birds ... will post address, has to be one of the best builds, well, one that I like a lot anyway......

Then put out the DJ desk for Thursday...(dance in the forest at Orange)... there is gonna be a photo competition, (thousands of lindens....lol) and DoubleDown is playing.. should be cool, his music fits well, the Ancient Ones approve....:))
Met a film maker, Chantel Harvey, who was filming, as they do, and gave me a link to her site, where it should appear.....we'll see....