Sunday, 18 May 2008

betty rogan

well, Betty and others have done some great shots of my Spookie patch and Orange Island.....see em here

One of the builds I liked a lot in the Garden is the sky is falling by Seifert Surface

Most of the artists, hopefully all, are listed in the garden build notes
I'm gonna blog a few, a bit at a time......

Victoire has blogged a few images of the spookie patch, and, kind as usual, Charlot has some nice words to say....:))

So...... Now that the Spookie patch is finished, Orange has had its photo comp, and The Rainbow Forest is ready to be handed over to the man who commissioned it...Jade Vandyke,.... I can get on with my other things......:)) ... but not til I've had a good look around the Garden of NPIRL Delights.... very recommended...

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