Saturday, 3 May 2008

npirl garden of delights

Well, very happy to say that I have finished my contribution to the build.... and I'm quite pleased with it, considering how little time I have available to do it....often the best way.....
It opens 14th May, or 15th, I think..... theres so much there tho, lol, its gonna take weeks to look round

On my commission build I have been planting hundreds of trees, in fact probably more than a hundred, will count em next time, in a huuuugggge forest, over a sim of trees, and now I start on the flowers..... will be quite a few of those too I expect....

Finished the geology for the most part, mountains, hills and lakes in place and I think I have enough trees rezzed now, so now I have to make it into an environment, and that will take a bit of time....

Still got tons of prims...:))) .........(thats a great sentence)

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