Sunday, 21 October 2007


God, I am so bored with my clothes,....gotta do some thing, been wandering around in this kimono for weeks, just simply cant be bothered to think about it, and the fear of malls....Mallophobia, looms with lag and slags....:))
takes 5 minutes to see all the crap you never wanted to buy in the first place...
i guess I should make my own, its not like I cant use a sewing machine, knock a few prims into shape in the blender or something like that.....
I am becoming a mad tree woman..... must stop.... heheheheee (she cackled)
well, these are almost my last.... gotta do clothes next week

I like this one a lot

This one shines, my first light tree...

and these are prairie daisies

just one more tree planned for tonight, then I will kick the habit....

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