Saturday, 8 September 2007


Well, my first modelling engagement was a very speedy and no-nonsense one, Mr Darkholme needed me for a photoshoot and I downed tools and lept to his assisstance.... as you can see from above. Now I was quite willing to wear a wig for the occassion but he was adamant that all would be well....... having seen the advert, I must say that those eyes do NOT go with my natural colouring, but, well, its his product, so.....

Otherwise beeen building like a mad woman, and its taken me two days hard work to get the tex right for my new orchid, the Greater Spottted Orchid, which, if I can be honest, is one of my best pieces of work so far.... photos tomorrrow.....

Crashed a few times ...... seems the bug season is still in full swing.

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