Wednesday, 15 August 2007

The hatching

Well, quite a lot of fuss, but in the end bean went off to hatch the was glad to be quit it but she was all ooooooo, and fussing over it.....anyway, she always makes a big thing of getting something done...
Well, she took a photo of her on the nest... not a very good photo, I think..

Then, as her egg started showing signs of getting it together....the sim went down. So then, she went and sat in a lake cos i told her we wanted a blue one, and you have to sit in a lake and hold your breath for 30 mins or so...and while she was there, and the egg started flashing and stuff, well, someone dropped a nuclear bomb on her, which isn't very nice, I'll have to admit. So any way on her third attempt she gave birth(?) , well, mothered a little dragon-like reptile who she calls ooo, and is a nice shade of blue..

so well done there bean

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