Wednesday, 22 August 2007 where's my rebate....hehehe

Its all very well, the Linden boys closing us down so they can clean some windows and flush the pipes through, but we're left twiddling our thumbs....well, not really... got loads of Photoshop to do, and dont begin to talk about difficult can it be to make a Mac version???

Well, too difficult for me, thats for sure....

Got a folder on my desktop called sculptie nightmare........ well, I downloaded it from the net, great, and instructions on how to turn the PC version into a Mac version....omg.... the instructions dont work... so I got pages of little words and numbers to deal with and I have abolutely no idea what I'm doing.....

I have ben trying to do some rather different clothes......and I am sure that I have single-handedly kept the Lindens afloat, financially, 10L per file may not sound like much, but jeez, it soon mounts up, ...right, Kalt ?

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