Friday, 22 June 2007

civil engineer wanted

Well I've always been lousy at maths so I dont know if this is going to work.
Somebody should really do calculations and things... but I thought that if I made the chain really heavy'd probably hold.

And, NO, all you clever clogs out there, thinking I made the links out of gold...... I didn't. I know gold is soft... I'm not that dim! They're just gold plated cos I didnt like the colour of the steel.

The only thing really bugging me is that I had great luck with the shoes.
Wonderful lady at X2 sent me a new HUD for the shoes (sandal pumps) and I never want to take them off...... so a little worried about building in them....

but could do with the calculations really... oh well
here goes
this is the start of my new building
it'll be great
I been here about 50 days now
and only just started building...
at last


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