Monday, 3 May 2010

The new huge UWABOSL Amphitheatre

It takes a bit of vision, a bit of money and guts.....

...the biggest venue in SL is not (of course) sponsored by the Boys, but exists due to the balls and generosity of Frolic Mills (Best of Second Life) and the University of Western Australia, under the guiding hand of Jayjay (who is fast becoming Artist Hero of the Year)...

The build itself is by Patch Thibaud and, more or less finished tho the pixels are still drying.....

.....whoops....who left that fungi lying around..??

It has the theoretical possibility of showing 50 avis onstage with a 150 audience, being built at the junction of 4 sims....

...this obviously poses it's own problems, but the capacity will no doubt justify the technical difficulties of moving around over sim boundaries...(another bug LL has had years to fix)..

I am personally amazed at how much UWA has achieved here in SL in such a short time (compared with how little LL has done for artists in such a long time) and am very impressed that Frolic Mills has the foresight and openhandedness to give back to the culture that has made him rich.

Good old-fashioned sponsorship.....well done.

Now...if anyone has a show they want to put on..... or if you would like to be the Director of such a huge Jayjay until a new Director/Events manager is appointed...... the meantime, I would like to say thankyou on behalf of us all to those who actually DID this.



  1. thanks so much soror... the venue will be 'launched' with a talk by creator Patch Thibaud as well as by Frolic Mills and followed by a concert by musician Mankind Tracer.

    The venue wil be available free of charge to all groups that want to display art, educational activities or to do things for charity

  2. whoops... i should say.. launch will be 6pm slt, saturday 8th May